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LiquidWeb Review

Liquid Web Inc. was discovered in 1997, and it is based in Lansing, Michigan. Liquid Web Inc. provides managed data center solutions and managed web hosting. It offers managed dedicated dual processor, a single processor, and colocated servers. It also includes cloud servers, such as a dedicated, virtual private server (VPS) hosted, and private cloud servers. Expert shared hosting plans and managed VPS hosting solutions. Liquid Web Inc. also provides enterprise-class servers, hybrid hosting applications, and redundant infrastructure. It also offers intelligent platform management interfaces, HIPAA compliant data centers and solutions, small and medium businesses hosting solutions, disaster recovery solutions, and Linux and Windows hosting solutions. In addition, it offers back up and storage , monitoring, software, network, database hosting, mail hosting, security and log management services; and remediation and protection services.

Liquid Web Hosting Options


Liquid Web’s web hosting plans are fully managed and are the perfect choices for sites and apps.

That means their workers or staffs take care of security, performance optimization, and server updates. The idea of Liquid Web is to maintain their services as good as they can so that their customers experience very excellent service and they can build their website(s) better.

Liquid Web-only offers quite a few hosting deals. Liquid Web focus on quality and the hosting plans are designed for different types of people. Liquid Web website provides the mentioned web hosting plans below:

  • Dedicated
  • VPS
  • WordPress

Liquid Web Pricing

This Liquid Web critique will take you step-by-step to the pricing list and the service which they provide.

When you are searching and shopping around the web for hosting plans and first see Liquid Web’s pricing, it is normal to get little surprised by the high prices given on the website.But one has to understand the prices in the right context.

First, most low prices on other hosting platforms on the web are for shared hosting. You share the resources and cost of a hosting server to other consumers or customers.

Liquid Web stopped the shared hosting so that they could focus on high tier hosting where the fun and best innovation happens. This allows Liquid Web to focus on delivering value in two important ways:

  • Better support.
  • Better hosting experience and performance.

These are some things which is important enough to you to justify whether and what cost will depend on the type of websites you are building.If you use a cloud-based strategy in Liquid Web , you will get a cough up every day.

Best Features of LiquidWeb Hosting

1.Windows-based and Linux-based  Hosting server options

Liquid Web got both Linux-based and Windows-based hosting server options. With as much or many choices, LiquidWeb offered features.

2.High-End Specifications

Getting this type of high-end range in LiquidWeb on the focused web hosting plans and the Virtual private server includes getting high-end and fully managed equipment specifications.

3.Managed Wp Option

The Managed Wp Option is really quite excellent and recent support from the field of Website hosting companies , but it is a perfect option for the customers.

4.Effective Customer Support

LiquidWeb website has a contact support team which they called ‘Heroic Support’ assistance team. They offered excellent support to the customers.


Getting checked the uptime of Liquid Web in November in some of our sites, and amazingly it provides 100% with actual information. LiquidWeb provides 100% with a slightly average duration of 390ms.

Site up-time is just the most important and significant areas of a hosting service. If your site is down, your customers or clients will not be able to see or gain access to your service. But Liquid Web is genuinely trustworthy.

If your site is down, the device pings your site and transmits an email If it can’t access the site in less than 1 minute.

6.Outstanding Customer Support

Liquid Web offers excellent customer service, and it has a well maintained and well-informed team of individuals which help or support the needful in moments. You can reach them by telephone in few seconds, by submitting an aid desk ticket which response in below half an hour, or by chat which response in less than 1 minute.

7.Money-Back Guarantee

We know that Liquid Web is costly, but it is great that its service provides 30-days money-back guarantee that is typically seen in the web hosting business.

Pros Of Liquid Web

  • Liquid Web has Powerful SSD servers.
  • Liquid Web has strong server security and Daily scanning against virus and malware
  • Liquid Web has the best quality hardware available in the market
  • It has an incredible 100% Uptime guaranteed
  • It has to award winner customer support
  • PHP hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • Free site migration service
  • SSL certificates with the maximum security and encryption
  • Storm on-demand servers

Cons Of Liquid Web

  • They Are a Bit Pricey

The one disadvantage or drawback of Liquid Web is that it is a bit expensive compared to other hosting companies. Though it is not a big deal if you’re opening a big website. They provide outstanding service, and they provide excellent quality, so you can forgive them in terms of price.

  • Additional Considerations

There really is not anything bad about the service provided by Liquid Web and their operations. The service provided by them is really smooth with excellent quality. There are no other bad things about Liquid Web.

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