Shopify is one of the top e-commerce platforms available for online sellers of any size of the type of business. The network provides a single-selling platform to help users build a site, manage sales and connect with customers on social media and through other business growth channels.

You’ll often hear comments in the Shopify theme world that free themes are risky because they aren’t supported as well, or they are sometimes designed by amateur developers. A good theme can help you get started with Shopify and get selling that much quicker without having to worry about having to do a lot of web development or design.

However, some free Shopify themes are just too sweet to pass up. Some of them are not only awesome looking, but they provide functionality better than some of the themes you would have to pay for. That’s what we’re looking at today, a group of over 10 free Shopify themes that you can proudly call your own, for the price of nothing.



Shopify Solo free theme is ideal for stores with small-to-medium-sized inventories. This is an example of the “Clean” style Solo theme. Features include a rearrangeable homepage, the ability to showcase a single product front and center, responsive design and all the other standard Shopify features. This theme is free and officially supported by Shopify.



If you have a larger inventory and are wondering if Shopify can handle it, Supply proves it can. It is designed for businesses with medium to large inventories, presenting all your items in a clean and easily-accessible way.

Supply also has seamless integration with the Product Reviews app on the Shopify App Store, which appears in our list of top 50 Shopify apps, allowing you to receive reviews on your products and build a community of dedicated customers.


A simple, clean design that keeps the focus on your products.

It follows the ever-growing lean towards minimalistic design, giving your products the limelight. The theme is also responsive, meaning that it is designed to look beautiful regardless of what platform you are viewing it on – desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.

For a free theme, Minimal could give your website a brilliant aesthetic and can be molded into something that represents your brand professionally.


A clean and minimal theme, perfect for showcasing products.

It’s responsive, working as well on mobile devices as it does on large monitors, features sleek animations, easy to customize settings, and the option to include sub-categories if your products have tags.

Having the white background puts a lot of focus on your product range – this extreme case of minimalism makes for a much cleaner shopping experience for your customers and lets your products shine.


The theme offers support for customer accounts, drop-down menus and has a very original cart that slides out. Do bear in mind though that this theme is best-suited to shops with high-resolution photography; you don’t want to be drawing attention to pixelated images!

The theme also provides its users with access to handpicked fonts from Google Web Fonts and comes with a built-in customer contact form and integrated social sharing buttons, making it easy for your customers to reach out.