Godaddy, in most of the cases, is one the first few web hosting company everyone gets to know about when he tries searching for a hosting company for himself

Godaddy Background

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GoDaddy, (formerly Jomax Technologies) founded in the year 1997 by Bob Parsons. He headquartered the business from Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, and that is where it still resides. GoDaddy is a publicly traded firm that is famous for being the largest ICANN-accredited domain name registrar, with lots of millions of domains processed by using their online market. They are a worldwide company with data centers and service employees located around the globe.
What sets GoDaddy aside from the rivals is, most importantly, their advertising and marketing. They were among the very first firms to actively market their brand. In 2005, they were also the very first web hosting company to pay for one of the world’s most expensive television advertisements through the Super Bowl; however, the risk paid off. The advertisement and its planning was quite racy and sparked a great deal of backlash from household viewers; however, as someone famous once said, “There is not any such thing as poor publicity.”

Godaddy claims fast, secure and scalable hosting services

Performance and uptime

GoDaddy says it claims 99.99 percent uptime, which amounts to less than a day of downtime each year. But whether GoDaddy actually performs at the level is another matter of concern. A recent evaluation by, a site which conducts uptime evaluations on internet hosts claims GoDaddy has an average uptime of 99.97 percent. That equals a bit less than three days of downtime each year, that is nonetheless excellent. A 100 percent uptime simply is not possible as a result of specific technical issues that may occur. But close to 100 percent, as GoDaddy provides, is precisely what you should realistically expect.


GoDaddy includes all of the basic features you need in a web host. Its basic plan provides a free domain name when you register for an annum or more. { |GoDaddy limits its free offering to specific top notch domains such as .CLUB, .COM, .NET, .XYZ, .ORG, .CO, and .CN.}It is well worth noting that you must also pay the ICANN charge of 18 cents per domain each year for the duration of your commitment.

On the basic shared hosting plan, GoDaddy provides a free year’s subscription to Microsoft Office 365 business email, generally a $60 yearly cost. GoDaddy hosting additionally offers unmetered bandwidth, including unlimited storage and website bandwidth. While infinite bandwidth is standard for basic web hosting providers, unlimited storage is not as common. Having said that, GoDaddy does have any particular limitations to its unlimited plans. If you are using its Linux hosting you’re restricted to 250,000 inodes — files, directories, and so on — per account. On Windows-based hosting the limitation is 500,000 folders and files each account. If that sounds complicated to you, you are unlikely to be affected. GoDaddy provides a great deal of storage that it is going to take a while to fill up for most websites. Beyond the basic Economy plan, there are numerous higher-priced tiers. Deluxe includes all of the basics of Economy. However, it offers you an infinite number of sites and subdomains. The Ultimate plan raises the processing capacity of the server, and you get absolutely free HTTPS for one year, and beyond that, business shared hosting provides additional computing tools.

Final Verdict

GoDaddy has mostly shed its racy image to become a significant player in web hosting companies, because of numerous technical tools including Linux as well as Windows servers, VPS, adaptive site development tools, WordPress accessibility, and knowledgeable customer support. Only the majority of GoDaddy corporate plans operate for hundreds of dollars monthly, and most online entrepreneurs today can begin for around fifty USD.
Internet hosting for all of the technology involved is still a customer-oriented business, and GoDaddy has been excellent for small and budding entrepreneurs. Friendly and prompt support for the large part along with a powerful often asked questions (FAQ) database to boot up automatically.
Perfect? Not quite, but sufficient to place it among the best five web hosting options if you’re exploring options to establish your campaigns.