A2 Web Hosting Reviews, Price, Speed, Uptime and Support

As all of you know that hosting is a very necessary product to set up your website. There are a number of hosting companies that provide hosting according to their potential. Due to a huge number of hosting available over the web, people get confused and a big mess is created. So to clear this mess we are going to review one of the best hosting named as A2 hosting. You might have heard of it before also as it is widely used and highly popular.

What Is A2 Hosting

A2 hosting Is not much popular as the Bluehost and Hostgator but A2 hosting promises of boasting speeds of up to 20x faster as compared to the competitors. A2 hosting was launched in 2001 and previously it was known as INIQUINET. A2 hosting has its data center in many parts of the world like in the US, Europe, And ASIA too.

Average Noted Uptime Of A2 Hosting

When buying any hosting service you must observe the noted uptime as it plays a great role. A2 Hosting has an average note uptime of 99.91%. We should clear you that 100% noted uptime is also possible but it is quite difficult. Out of all the hosting we tried, none of the hostings could give an uptime of 100%.

If anybody speaks to you that it will give 100% uptime then you must not believe the hype with the others.

  • Average noted uptime of June 2018: 99.89%
  • Average noted uptime of July 2018: 99.98%
  • Average noted uptime of August 2018: 99.99%
  • Average noted uptime of September 2018: 99.78%
  • Average noted uptime of October 2018: 99.91%

Price Of A2 Hosting, Hosting Plans And Common Facts

A2 hosting serves us three main shared hosting plans which are described below:

  • Lite Plan: First on the list of A2 hosting plans hits the lite plan. This plan will cost you $3.92 per month. This will support 1 domain name, 5 databases, 5 subdomains, and 25 email accounts.
  • Swift Plan: Second on the list of A2 hosting plan hits the swift plan. This plan will cost you $4.90 per month. This will support unlimited domain names, databases and email accounts.
  • Turbo Plan: Third on the list of A2 hosting plan hits the turbo plan. This plan will cost you $9.31 per month. It will support unlimited domains, email accounts, and unlimited databases too. For improving the speed of the website it is packed with HTTP/2 and SPDY.

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Some of the common facts of A2 hosting are:

  • The payment method supported by this hosting company is by credit cards, PayPal, bank transfer and skill also.
  • The user interface of WebHosting is quite simple which makes it quite easy to use. It also supports the feature of one-page sign-up.
  • The account activation is really fast if you are from outside the U.S. then you must be beware of the account verification.
  • This hosting has some hidden fees also. The hosting provided by Web hosting hub has a limit of 75000 files and 10,000 messages for the users. If By chance the account exceeds the limit then the files are automatically excluded from the backup system. It costs around $25 to have the backup of the files that are excluded.
  • The installation of some of the popular apps(like WordPress, Joomla etc) in the panel is quite easy.

Pros Of Using A2 Hosting

  • Excellent Customer Support: The customer support provided by the A2 hosting is really very nice. And the fast load times are also too good. The customer care is available 24×7 and will help you out in every problem that you will face.
  • Fastest Shared Hosting Provider: The speeds claimed by A2 hosting is of up to 20x faster than the competitors. Many of the top brand websites load under a second because if your site takes even 3 seconds to load, it will cause you to lose 50% of the traffic.
  • Feature Of Hackspan: There is an amazing feature provided by the A2 Hosting. The feature is known as hackspan. The hackspan helps your website to be secure from the hackers. It is a free service that includes a dual web hosting firewall which really helps your site to stay away from hackers and malware.
  • Free Site Migration: A2 hosting provides a very cool feature of migrating you’re any site from any other hosted platform to A2 hosting and that too without charging any single penny. It sometimes becomes quite difficult to migrate your one site from other platform but A2 hosting service makes it really easy to migrate your site for free.
  • Money Back Guarantee: Another pro of A2 hosting is that you can take a demo of the hosting service and if you like the service of A2 hosting then you can purchase any of the plan provided by them.

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Cons Of A2 Hosting

  • Decrement Of Noted Uptime: The average noted uptime of A2 hosting has decreased to 99.91% which I now proving to be a big disadvantage for A2 Hosting. Uptime is quite critical as opposite downtime can cost you more than $7,900 per minute and it further depends on how valuable your site is. You can have a look at the average noted uptime:

1.Average noted uptime of June 2018: 99.89%

2.Average noted uptime of July 2018: 99.98%

3.Average noted uptime of August 2018: 99.99%

4.Average noted uptime of September 2018: 99.78%

5.Average noted uptime of October 2018: 99.91%

  • Quite Expensive: When you see at the prices you will find them quite high than the normal hosting prices. But the thing is that A2 hosting has value for money. The cheapest hosting plan of A2 hosting is $3.92 but to purchase at this rate you have to buy the plan for 36 months.


Other hosting companies advertise and boast a lot about their features and prices which makes a big hype but A2 hosting shows that only which it provides to it users. So if you have that much budget you must surely go for this one.



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