BlueHost Review – Is it really the best web host?

BlueHost Review

Bluehost Review – Bluehost was founded in Utah by Danny Ashworth and Matt Heaton. It’s quite well known in the webmaster’s community and most probably it is the most popular web hosting company on the planet. It’s number 1 hosting recommendation by numerous pro bloggers and hosting experts. Bluehost attracts lots of new signups every day because of its wonderful balance between the features it offers and the price. In this article, we’ll explore whether this number one recommended hosting company is worth all the hype.

Pros of BlueHost

Wonderful Security

Security is one of the important aspects we consider while reviewing the web host. It’s the most crucial thing you need to consider while choosing the right web host for your online business. All the web hosts claim that they offer perfect security and all but no one is sure which is the best-secured host on the market. Bluehost has got all the security tools which ensure that your website is safe from hackers and cyber attacks. Bluehost offers CloudFlare feature which ensures that you have proper security against the malicious attacks and DDOS attacks on your website.

They provide SSL which protects against excessive bot crawling, SQL injections and another form of cyber attacks. Security is the topmost reason why experienced website administrators consider Bluehost as the best web hosting service provider in the world. Apache Spam Assassin, Spam Experts, Spam Happer are some of the anti-spam tools you get when you sign up for a hosting account at Bluehost. Rich Security features like digital certificates, IP address blacklists, directories password protection, and private keys grant the users with high-end security!

Excellent Uptime

From last few years, Bluehost has done a wonderful job in improving the website uptime for all its customers. Most of the studies conducted by hosting experts proved that it provides more than 99.5% uptime where 99.4% is the industry standard. Bluehost server was down for only 9 minutes out of 4500 hours which is a great performance on any scale. If you are someone who is not willing to bear the website downtime, Bluehost is the best web host for your online business.


Shared hosting plans at Bluehost are beginner friendly. There are 3 categories in shared hosting. The basic plan costs $3.5 per month with which you can host one website and you get 50GB storage. This plan is popular among new webmasters. Plus plan is the second plan which suits the webmasters who want to have multiple websites. You get unlimited bandwidth and storage. You can host unlimited domains on it and it costs you only $6 per month. The last plan is called Prime plan. It’s similar to Plus plan but you get extra features like Domain Privacy, SiteBackup Pro etc. With all these plans, you’ll get a free domain.

Cons of Bluehost

Expensive Site Migration

Hosting companies like HostGator and InterServer are providing free website transfer. Website migration is the useful service especially for the ones who are not technically sound. Even the busy people would like someone to transfer their website. Bluehost charges you whopping $150 for website transfer which is unfortunate. So if you are migrating from other hosting to Bluehost and you need a website migration, you need to pay $150 extra.

Aggressive Upselling

Bluehost has got tons of add-ons which they add to your cart without your knowledge. You need to be careful and uncheck all the unnecessary add-ons before checking out. Their aggressive upselling may earn them more profits, but it may not create the best impression on their new customers.

High Renewal Prices

Bluehost offers lots of deals and discounts which helps the new customer to signup for just $4 or $5 per month. But they may have to pay $8 when they renew their shared hosting plan next year. The prices are not locked and no one is sure how much they need to pay next year. The prices are super good for the first year but it may be painful when you want to renew the same plan as you’ll be charged with a non-discounted price.

Wrapping up…

Though there are some grey areas like high renewal prices and aggressive upsells, Bluehost still manages to be the best web hosting provider as it ensures security and performance. It offers tons of features like Site Builder, Free SSL, Free Domain etc which are attractive and useful. 25% of the websites run on the WordPress content management system. WordPress officially recommends Bluehost! WordPress and Bluehost have been working together since 2005 to provide the best service for the WordPress users. The response time for customer service is very good and the support team is amazing. We hope our review on Bluehost has given you the information about its important features and its performance. Keep visiting this space as we are going to post more reviews on other web hosts.


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