Bluehost Web Hosting Reviews, Price, Speed, Uptime and Support

Bluehost Web Hosting Reviews

Bluehost web hosting is one of those names which are currently handling more than a million websites. It is one of the most popular and affordable, least expensive web hosting services out there available in the whole market. The company was founded the year back in 2003 (which is about 15 years ago) and really holds quite a good reputation within their hat.

You know that you can never go wrong when a company is backed up by Endurance International Group which also backs up other big names such as iPage and Hostgator. Currently, as per recent resources, Bluehost hosts more than two million websites. The company was founded by Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth in Provo, Utah. And currently, they have a workforce of around 750 people working round the clock to ensure that your experience stays the best.

As a webmaster, I really understand the facts that no Web Hosting is perfect and does lack at least something, yet that is the reason why Bluehost standups between the similar other web hosting services over the world. They just have something special to provide, and we are going to find out those factors. Looking over these factors is going to provide us with an overall insight which is later going to decide which hosting is comparatively better than the other.

So today, in this review article, we are going to focus on BlueHost closely after months of proper inspection and checking. This review is going to base on some of the major factors out there, which includes server uptime and performance, customer support and overall features including pricing. So, without spending any further time, let’s just dive into it.

Bluehost Web Hosting Uptime and Performance

Now let’s just suppose that you have bought a new hosting service to host your personal portfolio. But soon after your website went down due to technical glitches and unmanaged server loads, resulting in major downtime without any prior notice. Downtimes are the very first and surely one of the biggest enemies of any brand or company which results in loss of rand image and as well as overall less profitability. So no one simply likes downtime at all.

And so to tackle the fact to reduce the downtime, we need to choose a good hosting service in the very first place. I this case, Bluehost just does not lets us down. After the severe DDoS attack on Bluehost servers, the company took strict actions to improve their overall uptime rate and made it reach an outstanding level. As per reports Bluehost now maintains the industry standards of 99.99% uptime and actually does maintains it pretty easily.

Talking about performance, Bluehost really carries out the reliable ta all over their wide range of products which are publicly available including the Shared Web Hosting service. Bluehost has an average page load time of around 419ms (which is a pretty great deal) overall.

Bluehost Customer Support

Now, again suppose you saw that video on YouTube asking you to upload that WordPress plugin to make your WordPress based website faster. But, it turns out that the plugin that you just installed broke your website completely and you cannot fix it now. The only fastest way for you (only if you are not a tech geek) is to contact hosting support.

So this is pretty much understood that support is very much important within the whole web hosting industry and should be provided effortlessly. A good customer support makes even a bad situation pretty convenient. That is where Bluehost shows up. They have a pretty responsive support team round the clock to help you out to get out of the messy situations.

Bluehost Web Hosting Price and Features

The Bluehost Web Hosting pricing starts at just $3.95/mo (with a recurring fee of $7.99) and goes up to a $14.99 recurring fee. Comparing the plans throughout the whole market, we can see already that the service is pretty easy to afford and does not hurt even when it comes the time of recurring. The shared hosting plans consist of three different plans at three different price points.

  • Basic: The basic plan comes along with 50 GB of usable space along with unmetered bandwidth. The package includes one domain, and allowance to create up to 5 parked domains, 25 subdomains, and 5 email accounts. And the email accounts have their very own email storage of 100 MB. At the cost of just $3.95, you are also getting free SSL certificate for your domain.
  • Plus and Prime: The two other plans include the Plus and the Prime. The plans are pretty similar to each other. They allow you to add an unlimited amount of websites, and unmetered or unrestricted space and bandwidth. They come along with one domain with on limitations on Parked Domains, Subdomains, Email Accounts and Email Storage Space whatsoever. The only difference is that you are going to get CodeGuard Basic with the Prime one.

If you ask me,  would recommend Bluehost as it is an excellent, reliable and trusted choice.

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