GoDaddy Hosting Review – Pricing, Features and More!

GoDaddy Hosting Review

GoDaddy Hosting Review – GoDaddy is the world’s most popular domain reseller.  It offers everything to mark your presence on the internet. Right from the custom email to high-end e-commerce solutions. As of 2017, over 40 million domains are being managed by GoDaddy. It has a strong customer base of over 10 million. There is no doubt, GoDaddy is the best choice to purchase a domain.  

GoDaddy offers both Linux based and Windows based hosting with shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated WordPress hosting plans. We believe that a reliable web host must provide three fundamental things – speed, security and uptime. Let’s see how reliable is GoDaddy and explore the features it offers to its customers. This article is all about how GoDaddy fares when it comes to web hosting. Choosing an appropriate hosting for your website is very crucial for your success in the online arena.

Pros of GoDaddy Web Hosting

Affordable Hosting Packages

GoDaddy Hosting Review – Shared hosting is the most popular hosting option among the new webmasters. GoDaddy provides an excellent basic hosting which is called the Economy plan. It costs $2.49 per month. GoDaddy offers discounts at all the times and you may get it for a lower price if you are lucky. The awesome thing is you’ll get unlimited bandwidth even in the Economy plan. You’ll have 100GB of storage which is more than enough for a single website. You’ll get a free domain if you sign up for the annual plan. Apart from the Economy plan, there are Deluxe, Ultimate and Business Hosting plans in the Shared Hosting. Deluxe plan provides a great flexibility as you can host unlimited websites at it costs you $5 per month.

All the plans provide unlimited bandwidth. Apart from the Economy plan, all the packages offer unmetered storage which is cool. GoDaddy also offers dedicated WordPress hosting with an affordable price. The basic plan in which you can host a single website costs you $4 per month and the Deluxe plan costs you $5 per month. You’ll have WordPress software already installed in the WordPress hosting. GoDaddy claims that it provides top-notch security for WordPress blogs hosted in WordPress hosting packages. In this article, we are not reviewing the dedicated and VPS hosting plans. We will post a dedicated article on them in our upcoming write-ups. We suggest you go through their website for the prices as they change it frequently.

Outstanding Uptime

Website uptime is the most crucial thing that defines a good host. There are thousands of hosting companies on the planet. But only a few had managed to get a loyal customer base because they provide an excellent uptime. When your website is down, it means that the visitors are not able to log in to the website and you are losing the customers. Search engines like Google take your website downtime into the account while ranking it in their search results.

From last few years, page speed and website uptime are two most important ranking factors in Google search algorithm. Thankfully, GoDaddy provides an incredible uptime. According to the tests conducted by hosting experts, GoDaddy servers managed to respond to each ping which is sent for every 15 minutes. In simple terms, GoDaddy provides a reliable and solid uptime for your website.

Customer Support

Reliable is customer support is one of the things you need to check out before choosing a web host for your internet business. GoDaddy offers the best customer support. Their award-winning customer support team has got a great knowledge and expertise and offers solutions to all kinds of hosting issues. They handle emails 24/7 and customer support tickets are answered in a timely manner.

GoDaddy offers telephone support which is certainly most comfortable. They even offer live chat support. However, we have observed that it’s not a 24-hour service as they appear offline at times. You can also post your questions at GoDaddy community forums to get a quick response. The forum moderators are doing a good job and the community members are very active. Sometimes, it’s a good idea to post a query in the forum instead of waiting in a chat queue.

GoDaddy Website Builder

A website builder is a software which helps you to design your website without any technical expertise. It is most useful when you do not want to hire a web designer. GoDaddy has been putting efforts consistently to improve their website builder and fill up the needs of their customers. Most of the GoDaddy customers have reported that they could able to create a website without any effort using GoDaddy website builder. It would be surprising to know that customers sign-up and stick to GoDaddy just for the GoDaddy website builder tool. The best part is you’ll get a responsive design which appears perfectly in the mobile phones and tablets.

Even though all the popular web hosts are offering a free website builder tool for their customers, none of them offers an ease of use like GoDaddy. You do not need any programming knowledge as the complete leg-work will be handled by the tool. You can pull out a basic website with decent design in an hour using the GoDaddy website tool. Website builder comes with an over 300 web design templates which are suitable for all kinds of websites. Anyways, some customers feel that it would be good if they can able customize the designs a bit more.

There are 300 design templates, and they all incorporate your text in very specific ways. While this is an easy way to get a website online quickly, the end product isn’t going to look very original.

Cons of GoDaddy Web Hosting

High renewal fees and Crazy Upsells

GoDaddy loves to play pricing games as like many other hosts. You must be really careful with their tempting offers or else you may end up paying double the price while renewing the service. Sometimes it appears like the safest option is to go for a long and long commitment. But you cannot lock yourself for the span of 5 years or 10 years. At the first glance, you may see that the price of the basic economic plan is just $2.5 per month. But once you start signing up for it you’ll realize that you have to sign-up for 3 years to get the service at that price.

Google prefers to rank the websites with SSL certificates for the security of its users. It may sometimes show to the website visitors that it is not a safe website to browse etc. So, SSL certificates are compulsory in a way. Many hosts are offering the open SSL certifications for free. Even GoDaddy offers a free SSL certificate for the first year. The crazy part is you have to pay a whopping $60-$80 as a renewal fee from the second year onwards. Be watchful during the checkouts as GoDaddy includes their tools and other services in the cart without informing you.

Limited Chat Support

Hosting companies like HostGator, BlueHost are providing 24-hour chat support. Customers expect their questions to be answered instantly as they cannot lose the business when the site is down. Unfortunately, GoDaddy Live chat support is not a 24/7 thing. Their US-based chat support is available from Mon-Fri 5 AM – 6 PM MST which is disappointing. Though it provides phone support, some customers may not like to stick to their phones for 30 odd minutes.

The average waiting time to get connected with GoDaddy live chat support is 32 mins. It would be good if GoDaddy works on reducing the waiting time. However, Hostgator and other web hosts also take the approximately same time to connect their customers with their support.  GoDaddy must seriously consider extending their live chat support to 24 hours. Their Email support is excellent but it is a really slow process.

Wrapping up…

GoDaddy definitely offers one of the best hosting services out there. You might have seen their insane commercials with unbelievable controversial content. But they are dead serious about the customer support and providing the value to their customers. Their award-winning customer support, super-fast load times and affordable rates are some of the reasons to sign-up with them. One disappointing thing with GoDaddy is it does not offer monthly plans. However, if you are the person who wants to set up a website super quick, GoDaddy provides all the tools to launch your website in no time. As mentioned earlier in this article, Speed, uptime, and security are the defining factors of a good web host.

GoDaddy excels in all the fundamentals of a good web host. GoDaddy also offers s some other features like free daily backups and restore which is really useful. If there is any scope for improvement, it is their live chat support which they have to extend for 24 hours. If you are looking for a web host with great performance and reliability at an affordable price, GoDaddy is definitely an option to consider. With its competitive prices and lots of free tools, it excels as a newbie-friendly web host. We hope our review has given you an idea of what to expect from GoDaddy hosting. Please check out this place as we share more in-depth reviews, hosting insights and comparative analysis in the upcoming articles.


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