Hostgator Web Hosting Reviews, Price, Speed, Uptime and Support

HostGator Web Hosting Reviews

Hostgator is probably one of the most famous We Hosting service providers out there in the world. it is an old and trustworthy company founded back in 2002 making it almost 16 years old. As per sources, HostGator Web Hosting hosts about 8 million small ad big websites alone making it one of the biggest as well as the most popular web hosting service in the whole industry.

It is Houston-based web service provider and features in many different service sectors which also includes Shared Web Hosting, Reseller Web Hosting, VPS and Dedicated Server Hosting and much more. The brand as a great global worldwide presence. Hostgator is a part of The Endurance Group which also manages many other big names like iPage and Blue Host.

Being a webmaster myself, I do understand the fact that reliable web hosting is a must when it comes to big businesses. And I can proudly say you that Hostgator is very much reliable. As I manage many other websites of my own as well as my clients, I have collected a lot of experience in many different web hosting companies. And thus today we are going to specifically talk about Hostgator in this review article. So let’s get straight into the point.

While reviewing any hosting I like to keep some specific points in mind which later determine the overall service. Today here, we are going to look into some of the most important aspects which also includes the Reliability and Uptime, Customer Support, Pricing, and overall Features. Now, we would like to ask you to stick to the post all the end and we assure you that you are going to find out if it suits your needs or not.

Hostgator Web Hosting Uptime and Performance

If you do not know already, well, Uptime is one of the biggest things that I have concerns about. And just why not, what is the use of buying a hosting service that does not work. What would you do if you just go for any hosting service and it does not work, making your website face a lot of downtimes? That is some of our biggest nightmares actually. So, I always check a lot on website uptime and performance before hopping in into any web hosting service.

As we also know that almost all of the Web Hosting Service provides claims to have a whopping 100% Uptime rate like it is no big deal for them, but sadly it just turns out to be one of the fake promises along with plenty of downtimes. But Hostgator is just not one of them and really stands out when it comes to reliability. As we talked earlier about this, it is one of the most reliable web hosting services which I have ever seen.

Hostgator Customer Support

Now suppose, you saw that video on YouTube asking you to upload that WordPress plugin to make your WordPress based website faster. But, it turns out that the plugin that you just installed broke your website completely and you cannot fix it now. Well, that would be a real nightmare but Hostgator’s award-winning customer support has got you covered.

Hostgator features a 24x7x365 round the clock customer service support which is there (literally always) to help you get out of these situations. Alon with reliable web hosting they also provide first-class customer support which just feels super great. I must mention that the customer service is an absolutely top notch and they are always there to help you out with the mess.

So, if you are just getting started with web hosting and other web services and look forward to learning yourself, then Hostgator is just one of the best choices for you available around the whole industry.

Hostgator Web Hosting Pricing and Refund Policy

Hostgator, being one of the most reliable web hosting service providers in the market steals the show with their super competitive pricing. The plans are super affordable of any kind of small and medium-sized companies and the plan starts from just $4.95/mo and goes up as high as $79.00/mo for dedicated server hosting. They also provide VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting which starts at just $19.95 a month. And even if you do not find the pricing quite affordable, do not worry cause the sales and offers got you covered. Ad they keep coming and going.

Final Words

So, concluding this brief review on Hostgator, it is a super reliable web hosting service paired with award-winning customer support available 24×7 round the clock. So you can get help whenever you want.

if you are a business or an organization, we would highly recommend you going for the Hostgator web hosting services because of its reliability and friendly customer support. And even f you just want to set up your very own personal or work portfolio, it is still a great choice to have.

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