InterServer Hosting Review – What’s special about InterServer Hosting?


InterServer Hosting Review – InterServer was founded by John Quaglieri and Michael Lavrik. It’s been in the hosting game for a long time. It’s based in New Jersey and offered only the dedicated virtual reseller hosting accounts in the early 2000s. For the past 15 years, the company has expanded its services to all other hosting solutions. It has got 2 data centers operating in New Jersey and a data center in Los Angeles.

With unique features like “price lock guarantee”, InterServer is always successful in attracting the new customers. They are pretty generous towards students too. They waive the hosting bill for the first year for students and non-profit organizations can host their website on InterServer for free! In this article, we are going to explore the pros and cons of InterServer web hosting services. Choosing a right web host for your online business is not as easy as it seems. There are a ton of web hosting companies offering services with attractive deals and discounts. But, one has to be careful while picking up a web host for his internet venture. We hope that our analysis helps you to decide if InterServer is the right hosting platform to host your website.

Firstly, we believe that uptime, speed, security, and support are the 4 basic things which define the efficiency of the hosting service. If a hosting company lacks in any one of these three, it’s definitely not good for your online business. Let’s jump in and find out how InterServer fares!

Pros of InterServer Hosting

Customer Support

InterServer Hosting Review – InterServer being one of the oldest hosting companies on the internet offers a solid customer support. Their customer support is welcoming and offers great advice when you have any problems with your blog or website. They provide a standard 24/7 chat support like the other hosting companies. But the great thing about InterServer is it provides 24/7 toll-free telephone support throughout the day.

It’s great that the wait times for the response is just 5 minutes. InterServer is probably the only hosting company which provides 24/7 telephone support and the wait time is only 5 minutes. So, it is like an instant solution for all your hosting troubles. Their customer support team is well known about all the hosting issues and received WHSR 5 star hosting award and an A+ rating by BBB (Better Business Bureau). There are few complaints here are there on the internet that they didn’t get the proper solutions from the support staff. InterServer has hired many new customer service executives and they might not be well versed with the hosting services yet!


All the web hosts claim that they are providing 99.5% guaranteed uptime but most of them fail to stand on that word. InterServer is unique when it comes to uptime, it exceeds the guarantee. Actually, it gives 100% uptime regularly. They also challenge you with something like if you can show the screenshot of the website is down, they’ll add credits to your account.

InterServer is the only web host which provides uninterrupted uptime especially for the prices it is charging. If you are serious about your website uptime, you must definitely consider InterServer hosting for sure.

Customer Satisfaction

The main priority of any business must be its customers’ satisfaction. InterServer takes some unusual steps to ensure that their customers are served properly. One of their strange decisions is to limit their new customers to just 100 per day. It ensures proper server capacity use and none of their customers will face the server downtime.

The servers at most of the hosting companies run at 100% of their capacity. This practice causes lots of issues like server crashes and slow speeds. InterServer always manages to operate at only 50% server capacity. In this way, it ensures that all their customers get the maximum resources even in the shared hosting plans.

Free Migration

This is one of the coolest things which InterServer provides which the other hosts don’t. It provides a free website migration service. If you are a busy guy and you do not have the time to migrate your website to the new host, you need to contact their customer support team and they’ll be happy to do the job for you.

Price Lock Guarantee

This is another aspect where InterServer gracefully proves it’s honesty towards its customers. Hosting prices are turning out to be gimmicks as the hosting companies exceed the prices when the customer renews the plan after a year. With InterServer hosting, you need not worry about any suck pricing gimmicks. You have to pay the price you have paid for the first year every year as long as you continue the account. This price lock guarantee assures that you are going to pay the initial promoted prices forever. It also offers a generous 30-day money back guarantee like many other web hosts.

Free Site Migration

The worst thing you have to face when you migrating your website from one host to the other is the migration fees. Some hosts are charging from $20 to $100 for just migrating your website to their host. InterServer is providing a free website migration service which is a great plus for the new webmasters who struggle to figure out the process.

Cons of InterServer Hosting

Most of the reviews on InterServer hosting services are positive. InterServer has been quite successful in earning the customers’ loyalty and satisfaction. Their customer support is wonderful and their servers are reliable. However, there are some cons which you have to know before signing up for them. Here are the cons of InterServer hosting services.

Limitations on Shared Hosting

InterServer operates on different terms of service. It comes with its own kind of limitations. One of the limitations is a shared hosting account cannot use more than 20 percent of the resources of the server at a time which is very disappointing. The other limitation is if you have an SSD shared hosting account you will be transferred to SATA which is a low performing platform if your usage crosses over 1 GB. The mainstream hosting companies offer the services with liberal limitations.

But, InterServer has got the limitations for each and every service. Even their 100 new customers per day limitation is a problem as you cannot signup for their service whenever you want. You may have to be awake all the night or wake up early morning so that you can signup for InterServer. Though these limitations are put on for customer satisfaction, they also act as a con as they are inconvenient. Actually, their limitations are not a big problem as they are reasonable, but the other web hosts are providing the same plans without any limitations. This may be discouraging for the new customers to sign up for InterServer hosting plans.

Bad Load Times

Though InterServer hosting has the servers with great capacity, you can still observe that the load speed is not as good as the industry average. The industry average load speed is 1200 ms whereas InterServer’s load time is 2000ms which may be discouraging for the webmasters. Load times are crucial as search engines like Google are ranking the websites based on the page speed. InterServer must definitely put an effort to rectify this problem soon or else they may see a decline in their customer base.

VPS hosting is not Newbie Friendly

VPS plans in InterServer are not bundled with the popular software like Softculous or cPanel. So, it will be very difficult for the newbies to get the setup running. You need to have the technical knowledge to setup VPS hosting with InterServer. It also takes a long time to complete the setup which is really frustrating. So, you must allocate some extra time when you are setting up the VPS hosting as you need learn the guides to do the process. However, once the setup is done, you are good to go.

Wrapping up…

InterServer has been in the hosting game for over 20 years. It has got a strong and loyal customer base and offers to host plans at the affordable rates. However, they are not the usual hosting company. They have their own set of policies. Their priority for the customer satisfaction can be clearly observed. But the limitation on the hosting plans is a bit disappointing. You have to read the terms of services for each hosting plan to know which one is suitable for your website.

The best thing about InterServer is it comes with lots of interesting features like Pay lock guarantee, Site Builder which is newbie friendly, 1-click installs for the software like WordPress, OpenCart etc. The 24-hour telephone support is awesome! The additional perks you get when you sign up for shared hosting plans are 20% discount on Template Monster package and Google AdWords credit of $100. InterServer hosting definitely lives up to the hype and it’s worth considering for your online business.


We hope our InterServer review has given you enough idea on deciding whether it is suitable for your website or not.

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