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iPage Hosting was launched in 2007 and currently, it is owned by prestigious Endurance Group which owns HostGator, BlueHost and Constant Contact. It has got 2 datacenters and hosts over a million websites. It boasts dead cheap prices which are quite attractive to the new webmasters who are on the tight budget. This review explores the good and bad of iPage hosting services. Even though the basic shared hosting plan comes at a cheaper price, the uptime, speed, security and customer service are the foundations of the proper web hosting company. We’ll have a closer look at some of their interesting features and hopefully, it may help you in deciding if it’s the hosting company which suits for your online business.

Pros of iPage Hosting

Cheap Hosting Plans

The number one reason why iPage hosting is preferred by newbies is it offers the cheapest hosting plans. You just have to pay $2 per month to get started with iPage hosting. It’s probably the cheapest hosting price in the marketplace. The other great thing is it offers the same price if you sign up for only 12 months. So, you need not get into a 36 months long-term deal to avail of the cheapest price. However, the disk space and bandwidth are unlimited.


Security is one thing which we cannot ignore especially while choosing a web host. As iPage is providing the hosting plans at minimal prices, you may be little skeptical about its security aspect. The best thing about iPage hosting is, it provides great security to all users. State of the art encryption, Dialy backups, and restores, Firewall, 24/7 monitoring etc are some of the rich security features offered by iPage hosting. SiteLock feature in iPage hosting provides an extra layer of security. It enables you to activate multiple malware scans and informs your visitors that your domain is safe.


No matter how low the prices are, if the website suffers from downtime frequently it’s not the right choice for your online business. iPage delivers the best uptime for all its customers. It’s has got 2 datacenters and their servers are reliable. It provides the industry standard of 99.4% uptime which is good.  

iPage Website Builder

Each and every hosting plan purchase on iPage comes with a software called iPage Website Builder. If you do not know any technical stuff to design a website, you can use iPage Website Builder and build a website in a couple of hours. It’s easy to build static websites of 5 to 10 pages using this wonderful software. You have to upgrade to Professional or Business versions if you need additional features. The basic free tool is good enough to launch a decent website on your domain.

Cons of iPage Hosting

Upsell Gimmicks

Hosting industry is polluted with upselling gimmicks. Upselling is not the only way to generate profits from the business. iPage hosting is also struck in the upselling game and crosses the line frequently. It’s confusing and frustrating for the new users as they see the unknown products in their carts. Aggressive upselling also damages the trust factor which is not at all good.

Sometimes iPage goes beyond the upsell guru Godaddy in sneakily adding the extra add-ons to the cart.  We strongly recommend to carefully check the cart twice before entering your payment details.

Hefty Renewal Prices

The happiness lasts for only one year. The low prices offered by iPage hosting soon turns into hefty prices which are much more than the prices of similar hosting plans from other web hosts. You have to pay $13 per month for a 12 month plan after a year which 6 times the price you have paid for the first year.

Wrapping up…

If you are on tight budget and you want to somehow kick-start your online venture, you must consider iPage hosting as it provides decent hosting services for cheaper prices. It’s not about cheap price or unlimited storage space, iPage hosting also provides tons of other features like unlimited email addresses, website builder etc which help the user to build the site easily and quickly.

You can choose a design from dozens of prebuilt themes and website templates and just develop a responsive website in just a few hours. Their customer service is excellent as they provide both chat and telephone support. iPage hosting also supports the apps like PayPal, Google Apps etc. These apps are useful especially for the eCommerce store websites. It is also a partner of EPA which means that the web servers and data centers at an image run on wind energy power. iPage hosting must be considered and appreciated for many reasons. We hope that our review of iPage hosting is helpful to you in deciding whether it is the right one for your internet venture.

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