iPage Web Hosting Reviews, Price, Speed, Uptime and Support

Ipage Web Hosting Reviews

iPage Web Hosting is one of those oldest players out there in the Web Hosting market, who started providing their Web Services back in the year 1998. Although, they fully re-launched operations as a web hosting provider in 2009. Currently, they are providing multiple Web Services which includes domain registrations, shared hostings, VPS hosting and Dedicated Server hosting.

Because of the kind of work I do, a lot of times I generally manage a lot of my client’s websites as a webmaster. And being a webmaster also provides me an opportunity to try out many different Web Hosting services provided by many different web hosting companies around the world. And today we are going to specifically focus on iPage.

As already mentioned above earlier, iPage is one of the most oldest Web Hosting companies in the world. And it is a part of Endurance Group which also owns similar other companies like Blue Host and Hostgator. In short, what this means is, the brand is already a part of a professional fleet ad you can never go wrong with their level of customer service that they provide. Moreover, you better believe that the whole thing is not going to be a scam.

Why iPage Web Hosting?

Now, here comes the main question. Why should you choose or not choose iPage? And honestly, there is not a single, simple one sentenced answer to this question, Therefore, we are going to look out the different aspects and reasons (more simply, pros and cons) to get into a verdict. So let’s just dive straight into it without any further ado.

1. 99.99% Uptime Guarantee

While signing up for any Web Hosting service the very first thing that we expect and check is nothing else but the server uptime. We bet, even if you do not think about the Uptime in the first place, you do have your expectations high for the uptime. Because if the servers are going to be down and your website is not going to be up then why are you going to buy a Hosting at all?

Now, most of the Web Hosts promise you a 100% uptime guarantee but unfortunately only a few can actually keep the promise. And Page is one of those hosting services to keep the promise.  While my testings my hosting or my website was never down even for a second for weeks and later for months. Now, that is a pretty great deal.

2. iPage Customer Support

The very next thing that we ensure to have after Uptime, is always going to be Customer Support. Cause, Hey! Who are we going to contact if our sites are down or we messed up with the settings pretty badly? And that is when the iPage Customer Support kicks in.

It is essential to make sure that your web hosting provides first-class support, cause at the end of the day if you mess something up, there should be someone to clean up the mess, right? The 24×7 Around the clock support provided by iPage helps you quickly to solve any major or minor problems out there in the system.

3. iPage Offers and Refund Policy

Every other webmaster knows that if something is a part of the Endurance Group, you cannot just o wrong. If it says you can get your money back within 30 days if you do not like IPage Web Hosting, you do get your money back, without any questions asked. Unlike other hosting provides where you need to give a proper reason to get a refund. And even most of the times it is just 50% or 75% of the actual money.

Another cool perk of iPage is that it provides a lot of affordable plans, especially to drive the customers more and more. At the end of the day, the consumer is ettin benefitted from it and can avail a full-fledged hosting service at just $1.99 a month or even less than that during Black Friday sales. And this tactic of theirs, also kind of beats it’s competitors along the way.

4. iPage Web Hosting Control Panel

If you are a business owner, you maybe are well aware of the fact that time is the most essential thing on the planet. And honestly, no business owner has that amount of time to invest in learning how the Web hosting works. And that is when a Control Panel is a life saver.

It is a real deal and the iPage Web Hosting Control Panel comes along with an Online File Manager which is going to help you direct upload files with your browser without the help of any other extra software to connect with FTP. It also comes with a one-click app installer which is also known as Mojo Marketplace. Other than that it also has features to track your visitor count and a Website Drag and Drop Builder. overall, making it a very helpful setup.

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