Siteground Web Hosting Reviews, Price, Speed, Uptime and Support

Everyone knows that the hosting is the most essential thing to make a better and powerful website. The lack of guidance in buying a hosting can lead to cause problems to your websites. So today we are going to review one of the best hosting provided by Siteground hosting company.Siteground has more than 800,000+ users which are currently using their hosting for running their business over the web. Now let’s talk about what actually siteground is?

What Is SiteGround?

SiteGround is basically a quite popular brand which provides you a very good quality of hosting for your business or blog websites. It is referred by many big blogs and forum and it is recommended by wordpress, drupal and jhoomla too.

Siteground started its company with only one employee back in 2004, but now it has sold more than 800,000+ domain names all over the world. The data centers of SiteGround hosting company is situated all over the world like United states, Europe, and Asia too.

Price Of SiteGround Hosting, Hosting Plans And Common Facts

SiteGround hosting company basically provides shared hosting and it comes with three main plans which are as follows:

  • StartUp Plan: First on the list of SiteGround Hosting plans hits the startup plan. The normal price for this plan is $3.95 per month. It has the capability to install one website and can be called as the best plan for the people who are new to this field. Hosting of startup plan can handle the traffic of up to 10,000 visitors per month. It is also packed with some more exciting features such as free CDN, 24/7 Client Support, SSL to make your site secure, Unlimited emails and databases. You can migrate your site for free if you purchase this plan.
  • GrowBig Plan: Second on the list of SiteGround Hosting plans hits the GrowBig plan. The normal price for this plan is $5.95 per month. It has the capability to install a number of multiple websites on a single hosting. Hosting of growbig plan can handle upto 25000 unique visitors in a month. You will get a free ssl wildcard for 1 year and that too for free. Not only this but 30 backup copies and free restore is also available. Siteground has very fast and amazing responses but Growbig and GoGeek plans are kept as a priority.
  • GoGeek Plan: Third on the list of siteground hosting plan hits the gogeek plan. The normal price for this plan is $11.95 per month. It is the capability to install many websites on single hosting. It gives you a large amount of storage for your website. It can handle more than 100,000+ unique visitors per month. It has all the features that the above two plan are having, and in addition, it has Wp, staging, PCI compliance and pre installed git too.

So these were the plans which are offered by the SiteGround hosting company.

Some of the common facts of SiteGround hosting are:

  • Easy Process Of Sign Up: SiteGround hosting offers you a one-page signup process which makes it much time efficient.
  • Domain names: The starting prices of domain names provided by SiteGround hosting is $9.95.
  • Payments methods: SiteGround hosting company only accepts credit cards for accepting the payment.
  • Hidden Fees and Clauses: There is a disadvantage over here as you have to pay a setup fees of $14.95 if you are using hosting plans monthly. If you don’t want to pay this fee then you have to buy the yearly pack of SiteGround Hosting.
  • Account Activation: The account activation process of SiteGround hosting is very fast as compared to other competitors.
  • Installation of Apps: It is very easy to install apps in the cpanel and has a very simple user interface also.

Noted Uptime Of SiteGround Hosting

From our old experience, we found that SiteGroundhas an average noted uptime of 99.99% which is proved to be faster than the industry average which is 99.94%. This uptime of SiteGround is proved to be quite good and helpful.

The platform used by SiteGround is Linux which provides great stability when there is a huge change in the traffic. Siteground is considered to be the first company that provided the account isolation technology that boosted the security of the client.

  • Average noted uptime of June 2018: 100%
  • Average noted uptime of July 2018: 100%
  • Average noted uptime of August 2018: 99.99%
  • Average noted uptime of September 2018: 100%
  • Average noted uptime of October 2018: 99.99%

Pros Of SiteGround Hosting

1.Load Time: The first pros of siteground hosting is the loading time. The average load time of it is found to be 714. With a very fast loading time, siteground is found to be very consistent too.

  • Average noted speed of June 2018: 699ms
  • Average noted speed of July 2018: 737ms
  • Average noted speed of August 2018: 688ms
  • Average noted speed of September 2018: 712ms
  • Average noted speed of October 2018: 714ms

2.High Time: The second pros of the siteground hosting is the high uptime. It has 99.99% of uptime. Further details about uptime are discussed above.

3.High Performance: The third pros of the siteground hosting is that the performance given by it is really amazing and impresses mostly everyone using it. It is value for money. They give a very high focus on the security of your servers and loops. It makes a backup of all your data on the site and that too for free which will save you from any problem that may be caused in future.

4.Transfer Of Websites For Free: Siteground hosting allows you to transfer your other sites and migrate them too without paying any single penny to anyone. This makes your work a lot easier and helpful. This can transfer your site in a mere 24 hours which will save your lot of time.

5.30 Day money back guarantee: Siteground hosting provides you 30 days of money back guarantee too which means you can first take a demo for free and if you like the features then you can purchase a plan of it.

Cons Of Siteground Hosting

1.Setup-Fee: The biggest cons of siteground hosting is that it charges the setup fee. The problem is that if you buy month to month subscription then you have to pay a setup fee of $14.95. So it will be better than you should go for the yearly plans.

2.Limited Storage: Other cons of siteground is that it has limited storage. With the startup plan, you will get only 10 GB of storage which is not enough. And it can only hold 10,000 visitors per month, if there is more traffic then 10,000 in a month then your site will go down.


We will recommend you to buy siteground hosting as the price are not that much hight. The features provided by it are value for money. The support and security provided by the siteground hosting company is also quite awesome.





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