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Affiliate marketing is a burning topic among people looking for making quick cash based on referrals. It is a strategy used by many companies to promote or advertise their products by using the backlink strategy.  In this type of marketing, a user needs to add a link to the product/site from the company running the affiliates program, and every item bought while clicking that link, the affiliates get rewarded with some percent of share from the company.

This type of marketing is slowly booming in India. There are few reliable companies that pay their affiliates on time, and also their products are high in demand among the public which ensures little stability in affiliates earning. In this article, we will be sharing such top businesses that don’t let the affiliates down.

Top affiliate program 

  • Amazon Affiliate 

    Amazon Associates Program launched in 1998, and it’s one of the highest rewarding affiliate programs, even though the payouts are low. The reason for being in the top five is discussed below with the aid of pros and cons.

Pros –

  1. The well-known brand, High visits: Everyone not only heard about Amazon, but they are the customers also, which makes it a famous and reliable brand. This quality or feature of Amazon is a crucial point for customers high visits, which results in clicking your affiliate link embedded with your code and hence, resulting in generating your commission.
  2. Free: There’s no need to pay any subscription fees to join their affiliate program.
  3. Tremendous variety of products: The best part of the Amazon is they sell almost everything based on the consumer needs, resulting in the collection of an extensive product catalog to choose and promote it.
    Affiliate program member can choose, either to promote a single item or an entire category of products with the help of Amazon tools.
  4. Impressive dashboard: The Amazing dashboard is really something that makes it outmatch all its competitors. In the dashboard, you can check your status such as which product got how many clicks and what’s the status of that product’s sale.
  5. Direct bank transfers: You don’t need to go to the dashboard or contact Amazon team for transferring your hard-earned money to your bank account, as they provide a direct deposit system.
  6. No need to provide after-sales service: By referring, you are not obliged to redress customer complaints if they have any problem while buying because Amazon’s superb customer service can handle it efficiently. So, you will be only focusing on creating more referrals. Earn commission not only for your referred product but also for any other product that customer buys, when they visit Amazon via your shared link.

There’s a famous saying – “Every coin has a two side,” so does Amazon’s Affiliate Program has its cons.

  1. Lower commission rate: Commission rate is between 4% – 8.5%, even the 4% is when you sell 6 or more items in a month and to achieve 8.5% target you might need to sell more than 3,131 products, which is a difficult task.
    To get the credit, there’s a catch with the time. If the customer referred by you doesn’t buy or even doesn’t add anything to his cart within 24 hours of your referral, then you won’t get paid. But, you can obtain a grace period of 90 days, only if the customer has added an item to his cart.
  2. No links in the E-mail: If you send your affiliate link directly in an email, then it is of no use. As per Amazon’s rule, no link should be added in the email in any form – direct or indirect (in the blog post).
  3. Cross-border referrals not allowed:  Amazon doesn’t allow referrals bonus to be credited if your referral is accessing from one country to purchase a product from another country.
  4. No PayPal option.
  • ShareASale

    ShareASale is an intermediary between customers and merchants. Here merchants list their products and ask the bloggers to either use or then review and promote or review and promote the products for a commission. Here affiliates can reach out to merchants to join them and promote their items. The selection process is quite simple, and affiliates need to provide the reason to join, how they will encourage and why they want to join them.

Based on these questions, the merchants decide whether they are willing to let the affiliate applicant to join them or not. ShareASale is the only company that provides its user the option for live chat in the event of any support required. The problem which user faces with ShareASale is that there’s no pre-written FAQs or general support information listed on the website.

It offers its user to add a browser extension so that the user can create the affiliate link directly and anytime, without logging to the ShareASale website.

  • Commission Junction:

    With over 20 years of experience in the affiliate market, Commission Junction is one of the most trusted and reliable affiliate marketing portals for both Affiliates and Publishers. Commission Junction is the most trusted one, and even the huge brands prefer Commission Junction for their marketing jobs. In this portal, either party can contact each other and get the marketing done.

The best part of Commission Junction is that it has a Cookieless tracking system, so the privacy of the affiliates is insured.

Another enlightening feature of Commission Junction is the feature of cross-device functionality, i.e. the affiliate’s commission is not dependent on the device, which means the user can open it in an app or in a website and in any device, the affiliate will still get the commission. To prevent the fraudulent cases, they have developed their own proprietary AI to track such cases.

It lacks the payout option of PayPal, only available options are direct deposit or cheque. Another issue with Commission Junction is the lack of email support channel as they only have phone or web form for any customer issues, which might be cumbersome for some people.

  • Flipkart Affiliate:

    Flipkart is one of the biggest e-retail stores in India. Flipkart has an affiliate program that has the highest payout percentage, up to 10%. In India, Flipkart was one of the first e-retail stores to launch this kind of marketing.

The main feature of Flipkart’s Affiliate programme is that the affiliate doesn’t need prior knowledge of computer skills as Flipkart provides an intuitive way to create the banners or links for the affiliates. Highest commission for the referral is 10% on books and e-learning, toys & school supplies, musical instruments and many more. Even it pays Rs. 8 for any app installations on Android OS for direct and fallback installs.

The major disadvantage of this programme is the deduction of the commission if there are any product returns after sales. Another disadvantage to Flipkart’s Affiliate Program is the lack of detailed and daily reports of your earnings.


There are many affiliate marketing programme in the market but to choose the best for you makes the difference in the life. We have shared with you the top Affiliate programs with you. We hope you liked the article and you can share it with your friends.

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